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You don’t have to live with the discomfort and embarrassment of large or malformed labia. Something can be done about this cosmetic issue that until recently just wasn’t discussed. Many women are finally finding out about labiaplasty and are seeking treatment.

Licensed plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Correa performs labiaplasty for women who were born with large labia or developed them after puberty, or whose labia have enlarged due to childbirth, hormones or the process of aging.

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What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces or reshapes the inner lips, or ‘labia minora’ of the vulva.

In some women, the pressure of childbirth causes the labia minora to increase in size to the extent they extend past the outer labia majora. This condition can also be caused by hormones, amplified with the onset of puberty. When the labia minora are no longer protected by the labia majora there can be difficulties with personal hygiene, irritation, and sexual intercourse. Enlarged labia also make it difficult to participate in certain sports such as cycling, horseback riding, running and exercising.

Labiaplasty The Woodlands & Houston

*Individual results may vary

How is labiaplasty done?

The surgery can be done under local anesthetic with mild sedation. The enlarged labia are made symmetrical and trimmed to the correct size being careful to preserve their protective function. It is important to ensure the labia minora are not made too small, as their function is to protect the vaginal opening when the thighs are open.

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Dr. Correa’s philosophy on labiaplasty

“Naturally, many women can be shy about this particular cosmetic concern, however, they soon change from shy to excited once they discover that their concern can be taken care of quickly in the office under local anesthetic and has minimal recovery time.”


What you can expect in your initial consultation

It is very important to Dr. Correa that his patients understand all aspects of labiaplasty before making the decision to move forward with surgery. It is his philosophy that his success as a plastic surgeon is dependent not only on his surgical skills but also his ability to fully understand the needs and goals of his patients. By taking the time to understand each patient’s desires, he can ensure they get the treatment or procedure that is truly right for them.

Your initial consultation with Dr. Correa will last about an hour. During this time Dr. Correa will:
  • Perform a comprehensive examination of the issues you are seeking to remedy
  • Ensure he completely understands your goals for the procedure
  • Recommend a treatment plan that encompasses your goals
  • Explain the basis for his recommendations
  • Answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as insurance coverage or financing
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You will have the opportunity to examine photographs of his other patients who have undergone labiaplasty so you can see his work and know what to expect if you decide to proceed. Dr. Correa will discuss the changes that you can expect to achieve and make recommendations regarding the best surgical methods to use to achieve your goals. You are encouraged to ask many questions and also to share any anxiety you may be having. Attaining your goal is a team effort. You and Dr. Correa must agree on the aesthetics and methods of your surgery so that you can obtain a result that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

From the first visit, I knew I was in great hands and picked the right surgeon. Dr. Correa was very thorough and explained my entire procedure. His staff was amazing, welcoming and made you feel part of a family. Gabrielle, took care of all the details and her continued care was genuine and always concerned. Not to mention my AMAZING results!

Marissa G., October 2018

Labiaplasty recovery*

For the first 3 days, you will be resting in bed. You will be given pain medication and instructed to ice the area during that time. You should be able to return to work in 5-7 days unless you are having other procedures done at the same time. During the first 6 weeks, it is recommended that you don’t use tampons or have sexual intercourse. You will be asked not to wear thongs or anything that puts pressure on your vulva as this will also interfere with healing.

*Individual results may vary.

Take The First Step

Obtaining a labiaplasty is a simple fix to a very irritating and embarrassing problem. Many patients thought they were the only ones with this problem and that they had to live with it. Dr. Correa has helped them reduce this irritation and can help you as well.

Interested in learning more about a Labiaplasty? Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Correa by filling out the form on this page or by calling Correa Plastic Surgery at (281) 419-9119. Proudly serving patients in The Woodlands & Houston, TX.

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