Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an extremely popular procedure – and not just for those who feel their breasts have lost their shape and volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Many younger women are considering implants, but often wonder if they can breastfeed after a breast augmentation.

During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are placed between your chest wall and your breast, away from the breast ducts or mammary glands where milk comes from. While some glandular tissue is removed during a breast reduction, in most cases enough breast tissue is left to enable milk production after surgery.

While breast surgery doesn’t mean you can’t breastfeed, there is no guarantee that a woman will have a full supply of milk due to any number of reasons, not limited to surgery. Milk supply may also be limited if the incision used during breast surgery severs the nerves in the breast and nipple that are stimulated by nursing.

Some women worry that silicone breast implants are dangerous or harmful to infants. However, studies have shown that there are actually higher levels of silicone in cow’s milk and infant formula than in the milk from mothers with silicone implants.

If you have implants and are pregnant and worried about breastfeeding or are considering breast implants, Dr. Correa will be happy to consult with you to help you understand breastfeeding after augmentation. Call Correa Plastic Surgery at (281) 419-9119 or complete the form on this page to schedule your consultation in The Woodlands.

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