Can I Keep My Ethnic Appearance if I Have a Nose Job?

Can I Keep My Ethnic Appearance if I Have a Nose Job?

There are many reasons you may wish to undergo rhinoplasty procedures. If you’re like a lot of patients, you’d like to improve the aesthetics and function of your nose while preserving the unique characteristics that define your heritage. Ethnic rhinoplasties are highly customizable and produce results that can be subtle or dramatic depending on your preferences.

Dr. Bryan Correa is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed many rhinoplasties of all types. He works with each patient individually to customize a treatment plan that will give them the results they’re hoping to achieve. Dr. Correa personalizes every procedure according to the patient’s internal and external differences.

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What Is An Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

There are many different types of ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. Many patients come to Dr. Correa to minimize the appearance of certain aspects that they feel stick out. Dr. Correa helps bring a better balance to the overall facial appearance without looking overly westernized.

While there are fundamental principles of rhinoplasty that apply to all patients, there are specific nuances present in patients of different heritages that are essential for a good outcome. Dr. Correa uses his extensive skill and artistry to perform;

  • African American Rhinoplasties: Common complaints among many African American patients include a low nasal bridge, poorly defined tip, and/or overly wide nostrils.
  • Asian Rhinoplasties: This procedure often bolsters low nasal bridges and provides more projection to flatter-looking noses.
  • Hispanic Rhinoplasties: Patients of Hispanic descent may have a variety of the above concerns they’d like to address. Dr. Correa strives to bring balance and symmetry to the face by redefining the nose.

For functional rhinoplasties, there may be no need to alter the appearance of the nose at all. Dr. Correa will talk to you about your options at the time of your in-person consultation.

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Am I A Candidate for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

You may be a good fit for an ethnic rhinoplasty at Correa Plastic Surgery if you are unhappy with the asymmetry of your facial appearance. Patients that would like to tame certain aspects while keeping the features that define their culture may be able to benefit from the procedure. When done correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon, ethnic rhinoplasties produce lifelong results.

Dr. Correa will speak with you about your concerns in-depth to get a full understanding of the results you’d like to achieve. You’re encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to ensure you’re comfortable with the projected outcome of your procedure. Dr. Correa prides himself on providing exceptional, natural-looking results that will ultimately improve his patients’ quality of life.

Dr Correa and his staff were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout my process with them. They made everything a breeze for me and the price for my procedures in comparison to his competitors only helped with my decision.

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*Individual results may vary.

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