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Turning back the clock a few years is easier than ever through the use of an FDA approved dermal filler called Juvederm. Dr. Bryan Correa finds that Juvederm allows his patients to achieve remarkable results that last up to a year or more without the downtime of traditional surgical facial procedures.

This is good news for people who wish to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles or who need to add volume to the cheeks, volume that has been lost through age or significant weight loss.


A Juvederm treatment can be done in about an hour, making it possible to have treatment over a lunch break or on the way to work. If you’re interested in receiving Juvederm, or simply want to learn more about this product, read on for more information.

Juvederm is sterile gel filler made in a laboratory from non-animal hyaluronic acid (HA). It is the only hyaluronic filler approved by the FDA for use in the nasolabial folds, which are the lines bracketing the mouth. HA is a natural sugar found in the body and once injected, causes the natural production of collagen, which further enhances the volumizing effect of Juvederm.

Is Juvederm right for me?

Dr. Correa evaluates his patients to ensure they are good candidates for Juvederm and that they will achieve the result they are seeking by using facial fillers. He may recommend a combination of fillers to treat deep folds, lip wrinkles and loss of volume. He sees many patients who can benefit from lip injections as well as those who wish to rejuvenate their hands.

Juvederm is very effective in several areas, and comes in differing densities to accommodate sensitive lip areas as well as to provide ultimate lift in the mid face region. In fact, Juvederm is the most effective filler for lips due to its smooth, soft gel formula.

Other areas that are greatly improved by Juvederm are:

  • Lip borders
  • Thinning lips
  • Drooping corners of the mouth
  • Crow’s feet and moderate forehead lines
  • Marionette lines extending from mouth to jaw
  • Earlobes
  • Hands
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Dr. Correa’s philosophy on dermal fillers

“There is a wide array of dermal fillers each suited to different purposes and goals. With so many choices it is easy to feel overwhelmed but through careful consultation and discussion the appropriate choice usually presents itself, leading to a rapid effect you can appreciate immediately upon injection.”

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Preparing for Juvederm

Juvederm is safe for most people, however, those with severe allergies or a specific allergy to lidocaine, an anesthetic that is contained in the gel, would not be good candidates for Juvederm.

Dr. Correa obtains a full medical history from his patients to ensure their safety. During the initial consultation, he will want to know if you are on any medication that can cause prolonged bleeding, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, or if you are taking blood thinning medication such as Coumadin.

Treatment guidelines

Prior to your treatment you will be given a list of medications and herbal supplements to avoid for two weeks prior to your treatment. This is to ensure that you do not experience increased bruising or bleeding. Some of the substances you will be asked to avoid are:

  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Glucosamine
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Coumadin

Before having your treatment you should eat a light meal to avoid having to chew for a few hours after the injections. This will ensure the product settles properly and will provide a smooth result.

After the treatment you should avoid applying make up for an hour to allow the skin to breathe. It also is best to not massage the area for at least 24 hours. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours. Do not do anything to increase blood pressure for at least 4 hours after the treatment. This would include exercising, going in a sauna or hot tub, or any cardio type activity. This prevents bruising and swelling.

What you can expect in your initial consultation:

It is very important to Dr. Correa that his patients understand all aspects of male rhinoplasty before making the decision to move forward with surgery. It is his philosophy that his success as a plastic surgeon is dependant not only on his surgical skills, but also his ability to fully understand the needs and goals of his patients. By taking the time to understand each patient’s desires, he can ensure they get the treatment or procedure that is truly right for them.

Your initial consultation with Dr. Correa will last about an hour. During this time Dr. Correa will:
  • Perform a comprehensive examination of the issues you are seeking to remedy
  • Ensure he completely understands your goals for the procedure
  • Recommend a treatment plan that encompasses your goals
  • Explain the basis for his recommendations
  • Answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as insurance coverage or financing

You will have the opportunity to examine photographs of his other patients who have undergone male rhinoplasty so you can see his work and know what to expect if you decide to proceed. Dr. Correa will discuss the changes that you can expect to achieve and make recommendations regarding the best surgical methods to use to achieve your goals. You are encouraged to ask many questions and also to share any anxiety you may be having. Attaining your goal is a team effort. You and Dr. Correa must agree on the aesthetics and methods of your surgery so that you can obtain a result that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

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What are the side effects of Juvederm?

There are few side effects with Juvederm treatment other than redness and swelling, which might last for a few days. This can easily be hidden with cosmetics. Most of Dr. Correa’s patients find that receiving Juvederm is almost painless due in part to the very fine gauge needle that is used to place the filler and the inclusion of lidocaine within the product. This anesthetic acts almost instantly to block any discomfort, even when receiving lip injections. Patients enthusiastically return for subsequent treatment due to the ease and convenience of this breakthrough rejuvenation procedure, which can delay the need for a surgical face lift for years.

Can Juvederm be used with Botox?

Dr. Correa uses a combination of products when treating his patients, if this is indicated. It is being discovered that using Botox along with Juvederm actually prolongs the length of time that both products are effective. Men and women who are looking for a fast and non invasive way to shed years from their face can now receive Juvederm from a Houston-based plastic surgeon with years of experience using fillers.

While these procedures are simple and easy to obtain, they require a high degree of training and experience in facial structure, in order to obtain a smooth, flawless result. Dr. Correa will be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss your goals and to provide you with his recommendations on how to achieve those goals. He is always happy to answer any questions his patients have and to provide before and after pictures to assist in the decision making process.

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