Whether you’ve had trouble breathing through your nose all your life or you’re unhappy with its appearance, chances are you’ve researched rhinoplasty as a solution to your problem.  Rhinoplasty refers to the surgical procedure that’s performed to correct the shape of a person’s nose, as well as address any medical issues associated with nasal malformation (e.g., deviated septum).

During your research, you may have discovered that not all rhinoplasty procedures are created equal;  in fact, there’s a difference between functional rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty.  Let’s examine the difference between the two procedures, and how to determine which surgery is right for your needs:

Functional rhinoplasty: Functional rhinoplasty refers to the surgery that’s performed to correct malformations or blockages within the nasal passageFunctional rhinoplasty is also called corrective nose surgery, as it can address nose issues associated with genetics, injury, or even a previous nose job.

A good candidate for a functional rhinoplasty procedure is someone who has trouble with breathing due to a deviated septum, internal or external valve collapse, or enlarged turbinates.  Your plastic surgeon can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a functional rhinoplasty procedure.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty: A cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is performed to correct aesthetic issues.  Cosmetic rhinoplasty can achieve a number of desired results, including straightening a crooked nose, narrowing a wide nose, reducing the length of the nose, refining a bulbous tip, and more.

A good candidate for cosmetic rhinoplasty is someone who can clearly identify the areas of their nose they would like changed and have realistic expectations for their outcome.  Your plastic surgeon can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

As you can see, the main difference between a functional rhinoplasty and a cosmetic rhinoplasty is the purpose of the surgery.

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