How Long After a Facelift Can I Be in the Sun?

How Long After a Facelift Can I Be in the Sun?

A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure used to reduce visible signs of aging and rejuvenate the face. During a facelift, a well-concealed incision is made and facial skin, tissues, and muscles are gently tightened. The incision is carefully closed using special suturing techniques. One of the best ways for patients to maximize their facelift results is to follow their surgeons’ instructions regarding taking care of their incision and the surrounding areas. The answer to the question, “How long after a facelift can I be in the sun?” is very important.

Understanding How Sun Exposure Effects Facelift Results


All surgical incisions require time to heal. The incision used to perform a facelift requires special attention because the face is one of the most visible and exposed parts of the body. The first 4-6 weeks after a facelift are very important in regards to incision healing. Inflammation and swelling subside, the edges of the incision come together and heal, and the color of the skin and surrounding areas begin to blend with that of the face.

Sun exposure during the first 8 weeks after a facelift can increase inflammation and swelling and prolong the healing process. It can also cause hyperpigmentation of the skin and darken the incision. In some cases, these negative effects can be hard to reverse. There are several measures that patients can take to ensure sun exposure does not in any way affect their results.

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Sun Exposure After a Facelift

Dr. Correa provides all of his patients who undergo a facelift with thorough sun exposure instructions. Patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery. Ways for patients to protect their face from the sun include the following:

  • Wearing a wide brim hat that completely shades the face
  • Applying sunscreen with an SPF 50 rating or higher
  • Avoid being outside between the hours of 11am-3pm
  • Avoid being outside on especially sunny days

Incision healing is monitored at postoperative appointments. After sutures are taken out and incisions properly heal, patients may slowly expose their faces to the sun. Patients who follow Dr. Correa’s instructions can sun tan after they have received their maximum results and look better than ever. Dr. Correa and his Staff also remind patients to always use sunscreen when going outside all summer long.

Receiving Additional Information

Dr. Correa is a board-certified plastic surgeon and facelift specialist. He has helped countless patients rejuvenate their face and reach their aesthetic goals by performing a facelift. Patients who have had a facelift or are contemplating having a facelift may receive additional information by contacting Correa Plastic surgery. Correa Plastic Surgery proudly serves The Woodlands and the entire Houston metro.

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