How Long Is the Recovery For Breast Augmentation?

How Long Is the Recovery For Breast Augmentation?

iStock_000017367270SmallFor decades, the breast augmentation procedure has been the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. In fact, in 2013 alone, plastic surgeons performed almost 300,000 breast augmentation procedures.

Given its popularity, it’s not surprising that recent advancements have made it easier than ever for patients to enhance the size of their bust. New types of implants, placements, and even incisions have all improved the breast augmentation experience from as little as five years ago.

However, one thing still remains the same – a breast augmentation surgery still comes with a recovery time.

While you won’t be out of commission for months, it is recommended that you schedule time off of work for at least two weeks. The first 5 to 10 days are the most intensive parts of the healing time, meaning you’ll probably experience a significant amount of discomfort. Pain medication and plenty of rest can help alleviate these symptoms.

In addition to discomfort, it’s recommended that you avoid strenuous exercising and lifting for the first two weeks of your recovery. Even lifting up a toddler can result in the rupture of stitches, so patients should be sure to discuss this recovery time with their family members. For example, if you have young children, make sure your partner knows that you’ll need to back off from normal activity for a couple of weeks.

Patients may also notice swelling and bruising after the breast augmentation procedure. This is completely normal, and usually subsides within a couple of months. To speed along the process, it’s recommended that patients wear compression bandages to help the swelling go down. These compression garments will usually be supplied by your plastic surgeon.

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