Is It Possible to Make Your Nose Bigger During Rhinoplasty?

Is It Possible to Make Your Nose Bigger During Rhinoplasty?

Many people undergo rhinoplasty to make their noses smaller and change the shape of them, but those aren’t the only reasons. Some people also undergo rhinoplasty to make their noses bigger. Why would one do that? You might be thinking. People might want surgery to make their noses bigger for various reasons, one of those being that some people feel that their nose is too small for their face.

So the short answer is yes, it is possible to make your nose bigger during rhinoplasty. Many patients are choosing to put their trust in board-certified surgeon Dr. Correa for this specific, subtle, and very effective procedure.

What Can A Nose Enlargement Do? 

Apart from the obvious, enlarging the size of the nose, a nose enlargement can provide other favorable results. The nose can also be made to look sharper and more defined in the process. It can also be augmented to match your existing features for a more well-balanced overall appearance. Reshaping is also possible, and this is usually done using an open technique.

How Does A Nose Enlargement Work? 

During nose enlargement procedures, the nose is made bigger by adding height to the bridge of the nose and making the tip larger. This involves incisions made on the outer portion of the nose within the natural creases. Height is normally added by taking cartilage from other parts of the body.

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How Long Is Recovery? 

As every patient is unique, recovery times will vary. Generally speaking, the first two weeks after the surgery should be dedicated to recovery. It’s recommended to take these two weeks off work. Most bruising and swelling should be gone after 3 weeks, and exercise may begin after week six. Complete recovery is said to take a full year, but during this year, gradual improvements in recovery can be seen.

Is A Nose Enlargement Right For Me? 

Most surgeons recommend waiting until the nose has reached ‘adult size’ before considering the procedure (late teens – about 16-18). To find out if a nose enlargement is the best option to reach your aesthetic goals, you should speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon.

This is a highly custom procedure that needs to be discussed with a qualified and experienced surgeon. Dr.Correa at Correa Plastic Surgery talks through all aspects of rhinoplasty with his patients to make sure they understand what is involved. He takes time to understand the needs and goals before suggesting the best option for his patients.

Dr Correa and staff did an excellent job taking care of me from start to finish. They were very realistic about the results i could expect and did a great job helping me achieve them. This was my first surgery and it was needed primarily to help with a nose breathing problem but I did have the bump on my nose fixed for looks. Finding the right doctor can be difficult as your nose can really define how you look. Well I can honestly say im glad I chose Dr Correa because I can actually breath through my nose properly for the first time and i love my new look.

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