Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty: What’s the Difference?

Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty: What’s the Difference?

Until recently, many women have been hesitant to pursue female genital plastic surgery. However, with many advancements in surgical and non-surgical options, women are finally finding out about options available to help alleviate issues such as large labia or vaginal laxity. The most common female genital plastic surgeries are labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, but the question often comes up- what’s the difference?

Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure that reduces the size of, or reshapes, the inner lips (labia minora) of the vulva. Whether it is due to hormones or childbirth, sometimes the labia minora increase in size to the point that they extend outside of the labia majora. If the labia minora are no longer protected by the labia majora, this can lead to difficulties with hygiene, sexual intercourse, and even recreational activities like cycling or exercising.

A labiaplasty procedure requires a local anesthetic and mild sedation. The surgery itself involves the trimming of the labia minora, with careful detail to ensure they are the correct size and are symmetrical. The recovery period requires about three days of bed rest with an additional two to four days of limited activity. Most patients typically return to work within a week of the surgery and can use tampons, shave or have sexual intercourse within six weeks.

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Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to tighten the vagina. After childbirth, many women experience vaginal laxity due to separating of muscles or stretching of the tissues. This vagnial laxity can contribute to decreased sexual pleasure and overall discomfort due to laxity.

The vaginoplasty procedure brings the separated muscles together and can be performed under a local or general anesthesia. During the surgery, the extra skin is removed from the inside of the vagina and tissues are tightened with strong sutures. This is usually performed by a Gynecologic Surgeon. It is recommended that patients prepare for one to two weeks of downtime following the vaginoplasty procedure, refraining from sexual intercourse and tampon use for at least eight weeks.

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