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What is Nasal Reconstruction?

Nasal reconstruction is a complex topic due to the variety of causes that require reconstruction, as well as the multitude of techniques required to repair these different problems.

The nose is unique in that it possesses unique aesthetic and functional characteristics that other areas of the face do not. Most commonly, removal of skin cancer leads to a wound that needs to be reconstructed to maintain the shape of the nose and preserve its function, as well as its aesthetics. In addition to skin cancer, trauma is also a common cause for reconstructive problems such as broken bones which obstruct the airway and/or change its appearance.

How does nasal reconstructive surgery work?

In the case of skin cancer, ideally, you will meet Dr. Correa prior to removal of the cancer in order to discuss the expected defect and the method to reconstruct it. This can be anything from simple closure, to a skin graft, to using local tissue as a ‘flap’ to cover the wound. Inherent in the treatment of cancer is a component of unpredictability. Most often, nasal skin cancer is removed by a Moh’s surgeon (a dermatologist with special training to remove the minimal amount of extra tissue to obtain clean margins) and the subsequent wound is then treated by a plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Correa’s philosophy on nasal reconstruction

“Nasal reconstruction represents a special interest of mine. It incorporates many principles of plastic surgery and requires a great level of attention to detail. Few other operations require a balanced approach to structure, function, and aesthetics.”

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Conditions potentially corrected by nasal reconstructive surgery

  • Skin cancer of the nose
  • Accidents and trauma
  • Previous surgery
  • Congenital anomalies

What You Can Expect in Your Initial Consultation

It is very important to Dr. Correa that his patients understand all aspects of nasal reconstruction before making the decision to move forward with surgery. It is his philosophy that his success as a plastic surgeon is dependent not only on his surgical skills but also his ability to fully understand the needs and goals of his patients. By taking the time to understand each patient’s desires, he can ensure they get the treatment or procedure that is truly right for them.

Your initial consultation with Dr. Correa will last about an hour. During this time Dr. Correa will:
  • Perform a comprehensive examination of the issues you are seeking to remedy
  • Ensure he completely understands your goals for the procedure
  • Recommend a treatment plan that encompasses your goals
  • Explain the basis for his recommendations
  • Answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as insurance coverage or financing

You will have the opportunity to examine photographs of his other patients who have undergone nasal reconstruction so you can see his work and know what to expect if you decide to proceed. Dr. Correa will discuss the changes that you can expect to achieve and make recommendations regarding the best surgical methods to use to achieve your goals. You are encouraged to ask many questions and also to share any anxiety you may be having. Attaining your goal is a team effort. You and Dr. Correa must agree on the aesthetics and methods of your surgery so that you can obtain a result that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

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Thankfully, the recovery for most nasal reconstruction is relatively mild and often doesn’t require prescription pain medicine. However, depending upon the complexity of what is done, the recovery period can be longer – for example, if a staged surgery needs to be done.

*Individual results may vary.

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