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Patient Testimonials

Here you can read reviews of what real patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Correa. We also invite you to come into our office to see Dr. Correa’s book of excellent patient testimonials in person.

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“For Dr. Correa words cannot describe what this fantastic physician did for me. I was feeling pain in both of my arms so I put this pain relieving liniment on each arm. Somehow the liniment caused a reaction that made both arms split open. I was taken to emergency room where, thank God, Dr. Correa was there and immediately began taking care of me. After 4 months in the hospital and because of his incredible skill of putting me back together, I was able to go home and my arms and hands are perfect now. I was told much later that amputation of both arms was considered. So I do thank God for Dr. Correa everyday. He is the best.” – BE *Individual results may vary



52 and Looking New> 3 Procedures in 1 Surgery – The Woodlands, TX
Everyone has things about their body that they would like to change but not everyone has the courage or the financial resources to make those changes. My…READ MORE >
Best Choice Ever! The Woodlands, TX
I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon to do my breast augmentation. Dr. Correa and his staff are wonderful and always there to help when needed. I was…READ MORE >
Rhinoplasty to Help Breathing Issues and Appearance. The Woodlands, TX
Dr Correa and staff did an excellent job taking care of me from start to finish. They were very realistic about the results i could expect and did a great…READ MORE >

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Read our many 5-star reviews from independent medical review sites. Patients are extremely fond of Dr. Correa’s attention to detail, bedside manner, and beautiful results. *Individual results may vary

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