Bikini in actionAn enlarged or asymmetrical labia is a very common condition among women, it can be caused by childbirth, or hormonal changes during puberty. While it may be a common condition, the discomfort of large or disproportioned labia isn’t something you have to live with.

Many women are discovering Labiaplasty, a surgical procedure that reduces or reshapes the inner lips, or ‘labia minora,’ of the vulva.

The benefits of labial reduction are not just aesthetic. Tight clothing can irritate larger vaginal lips, causing discomfort during activities such as working, exercising, or even simple daily tasks. An enlarged labia can easily become irritated and may lead to frequent infections, such as vaginal yeast infections.

Labiaplasty is performed under mild sedation and most patients return to normal activity within three weeks of their procedure. Patients typically return to work within a week, and can resume sexual intercourse after six weeks.

The main benefits of a Labiaplasty include increased self-confidence and comfort during sexual intercourse. Many women experience an increase in personal hygiene and less irritation in the vagina post-surgery and can engage in activities they were not able to previously such as running, cycling or horseback riding.

Whether your labiaplasty goals are related to confidence, discomfort or limitations in everyday lift, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Correa can help create a treatment plan to best meet your goals.

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