Breast-Asymmetry-Correction-The-WoodlandsFor women with uneven breasts, the idea of wearing tight clothing or being seen without their shirts on can be a terrifying prospect.  Due to genetics or hormonal changes (usually due to puberty or pregnancy), many women suffer from noticeably asymmetrical breasts.

While no pair of breasts is perfectly even, these women usually have breasts that have a difference of a cup size or more.

At Correa Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, Texas, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Correa specializes in breast asymmetry correction.  This modified version of a breast augmentation surgery allows Dr. Correa to correct and align the shape of the patient’s breasts.  The uneven breasts will either be made larger or smaller, depending on the patient’s preferences.

While there aren’t typically health dangers associated with asymmetrical breasts, the impact of this correctional procedure on a woman’s self-confidence can be enormous.  Suddenly, the patient feels more confident about filling out shirts or wearing bathing suits without feeling self-conscious.  The patient can enjoy intimacy with a partner without experiencing self-doubt or embarrassment about how they look.

For some patients, breast asymmetry correction can help balance out the shape and feel of the breasts.  Doing so may help alleviate any targeted back or shoulder pain that may come from having one larger breast.

Good candidates for a breast asymmetry correction will be in excellent health, feel self-conscious about the unevenness of their breasts, and have at least a cup size or more in difference between the two breasts.

To learn more about the breast asymmetry correction procedure, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Correa at Correa Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, TX.  During your consultation, Dr. Correa will work with you to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for this corrective procedure.  He’ll also walk you through your implant options, including which type is best for you.

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