white-bakini-on-the-beachSo you’ve finally lost all of that weight that you wanted! This is no small feat and you deserve all the accolades in the world.  It’s no small feat to lose weight – but you did.  You fought through the temptation and the frustration to achieve a goal that many people only dream about.

So congratulations!

Unfortunately, many individuals who lose a significant amount of weight find themselves facing a new cosmetic issue – excessively loose skin.  This tends to happen when the skin has been stretched out by weight gain.  As the person loses weight, the skin is unable to keep up, which causes loose, drooping skin.

This phenomenon is compounded in older individuals who don’t have as much skin elasticity as younger people.

The body lift is designed to address issues surrounding excessive loose skin after weight loss.  This innovative surgery removes excess skin that may be left over after your weight loss.  Incisions are made around the areas where excess skin is most prominent.  In some cases, liposuction may be combined to obtain the best result.

The procedure itself takes about four to six hours to perform.  Scars are placed in a way where they can be covered by most clothing.  The initial recovery will take about one to two weeks; during this time, drainage tubes will be placed under the skin to help with healing.  Most patients can return to work after 10-14 days. Although you will enjoy a powerful change right away, your ‘final’ result will not manifest for 6-12 months.

To learn more about the body lift procedure, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Correa at Correa Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, TX.  During your consultation, Dr. Correa will work with you to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for a body lift.  He’ll also outline what to expect from your post-op recovery process.

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