Breast AugmenationAre you suffering from the pain and discomfort of large or malformed labia? Do you feel embarrassed whenever you’re intimate with your partner? Do you find it difficult to comfortably exercise due to your large labia?

If you’ve found yourself identifying with any of the above questions, you’re not alone. Many women have large or malformed labia as a result of genetics, hormones, and/or childbirth. While there’s little harm to your health in terms of having a larger labia, many women find it difficult to fully enjoy intimacy or feel confident about their appearance.

A labiaplasty is an innovative surgical procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora of the vulva. Labiaplasties are becoming increasingly popular, with many women requesting the procedure in order to feel more confident about themselves.

The labiaplasty procedure is surprisingly simple; it’s performed under local anesthetic with mild sedation. The enlarged labia is trimmed until it’s symmetrical; however, they’re not trimmed too small, as it’s important to preserve the main function of the labia.

During the first three days of your post-op recovery, you will need to be resting in bed for three days, as well as regularly ice the area to stay comfortable. You may be prescribed pain medication to help manage any discomfort you might feel. You should be able to return to work five to seven days later. It’s important to refrain from using tampons or having sexual intercourse for the first six weeks after your procedure. You should also avoid wearing underwear that puts pressure on your vulva.

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