What Symptoms Can Breast Revision Fix?

What Symptoms Can Breast Revision Fix?

Breast augmentation can be a successful and satisfying procedure to help women achieve larger, more symmetric breasts or natural looking breasts after a mastectomy. Sometimes, however, surgery does not go as planned, implants rupture, or a patient changes her mind about the size of her implants. According to the FDA, 37% of all breast revision surgeries in the United States are done to switch out implants for a larger size. To fix these problems, a surgeon can perform a breast revision.

Breast revision surgery is done to correct an earlier breast surgery, and involves removing or replacing implants. Complications arising from an original augmentation procedure are not uncommon. It is estimated that 20% of breast augmentation surgeries will require revision. Other than simply wanting to change the size of the implants, some of the problems that occur are:

  • Ruptured implants
  • Shifted implants
  • Capsular contracture
  • Muscle flex deformity
  • Poorly positioned implants

Over time, implants can change shape or size and the breast tissue can change. Aging and other factors contribute to the feel of the breast or its placement on the chest. An implant device can also need replacing. Breast revision surgery can include concurrent breast lift or reduction, repositioning the implant on the chest, or either increasing or decreasing the size, shape or style of the breast implant.

A breast revision surgery can be more complicated than breast augmentation. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon based in Houston, Dr. Bryan Correa has corrected a variety of problems arising from a primary surgery. He specializes in correcting problems that have developed from primary augmentation surgeries and is fast becoming one of Houston’s most sought after breast revision surgeons.

Breast surgery revisions are more complicated than original surgeries. Dr. Correa will be happy to meet with you to discuss ways of correcting your particular problem so that your breasts look natural and do not cause you pain or discomfort. Schedule your free consultation today by calling Correa Plastic Surgery at (281)419-9119 at our Woodlands office, proudly serving the Houston metro.

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