When it comes to erasing stubborn forehead wrinkles and creases, very few treatments are as effective as Botox or Dysport.  Botox and Dysport are FDA-approved medications that contains botulinum toxin as an active ingredient.  This toxin works by disrupting the nerve signals between the brain and the muscles at the injection site.  Without these nerve signals, muscles remain in a weakened state, meaning they’re prevented from moving.  As a result, the skin over the treated muscles relaxes, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox and Dysport are highly effective at taking years off of a patient’s appearance; however, plenty of people avoid undergoing injections because they’re worried about looking “over-done.”  This is likely such a common concern due to the large number of men and women on TV who have had much more done to them than just Botox or Dysport– the truth is, you could never guess with certainty regarding the vast majority of patients who use Botox or Dysport as their results are quite natural appearing.

I always caution people to assume too much based on celebrity television news, as it is truly impossible to know which product and how much was injected – this makes a very big difference in how things turn out. In general, it is always best to take a gradual treatment approach and not risk “over-doing” it, as it is easy to touch things up to the desired effect rather than the other way around. With this approach, the vast majority are not only happy with their results, but maintain a natural look that most people can’t tell has been treated.

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