Will A Breast Augmentation Leave A Scar?

Will A Breast Augmentation Leave A Scar?

With any surgical procedure, a scar is inevitable. Breast augmentation is no different. There are, however, ways to reduce scarring and decrease visibility. In the hands of Dr. Correa, an artistic and skilled surgeon, your procedure is performed in such a way as to leave the scar all but invisible once healed. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Correa will help you make important decisions regarding your implants and incision location.

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Where Will Incisions Be Made?

The location of the incision is an important one as it determines the location of your scars. Whether you’re combining your augmentation with a lift or another procedure will also be considered. There are four types of incisions, each with their own pros and cons.

  • Inframammary incisions are the most common because this technique creates an incision that follows the natural curve underneath your breasts. The scar is easily hidden beneath the fold, and this approach has the lowest risk of complications.
  • Periareolar incisions are one of the more common incisions. It creates a semi-circular incision tracing the lower half of your areolas, allowing the surgeon to camouflage scar. This technique has been reported to have a higher rate of capsular contracture.
  • Transaxillary incisions are placed in your underarm area, resulting in no scarring on your breasts. Not all implants can be placed in this fashion and revisions are more common.
  • Periumbilical incisions (also known as trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA) occur at the umbilicus (navel) and produces no visible surgical scars on the breast. This technique cannot be used with all implant types, is less precise, and is more technically difficult when placing implants.

Most of Dr. Correa’s breast augmentation procedures are done using inframammary incisions, which require more skill in planning but result in the least visible scars.

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How Long Will It Take My Scar to Fade?

Visible scarring will fade over several months following surgery but can take up to 18-months to completely heal. In some cases, they may appear to get worse before they look better. The rate at which your scars will heal will depend on your age, genetics, and skin tone. To help accelerate healing and minimize the appearance of your scars:

  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of water.
  • Follow aftercare instructions and guidelines.

Talk to Dr. Correa about scar treatment options that can reduce their appearance even further.

An Artistic Consideration

Dr. Correa is a board-certified plastic surgeon who provides a thorough consultation to ensure you are well-informed and confident in your decision. After completing an analysis to determine if and what plastic surgery is appropriate for you, he will recommend a procedure based on his technical expertise and professional artistic opinion.

I met Dr Correa for a consultation and I knew he was going to be my guy! He is very personable, funny, knowledgeable and professional. His staff is very sweet and friendly, I always felt very welcomed. When Dr Correa did my surgery, he called me that night to make sure I was okay. He also checked on me a couple of times before my follow up appointments. He is very caring for his patients and he listened to my concerns. I am very happy with my results and I would highly recommend my family and friends to see him. His office is very clean, wait time is very minimal and I absolutely love him! Thank you Dr Correa for everything!
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*Individual results may vary.

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